Hip hop clothes 03

The Current Fashion Hip-Hop Clothing

Hip-hop has been around for many years, and it is more than just the music. The hip-hop fever spread even to the dress code. The hip hop lovers have been dressing uniquely, and they always had a style that defined them. All that changed and as of now, the hip-hop world has changed. This stretches from the music to the dressing style. That said, here is a look at the latest hip hop fashion clothing;

• No more baggy clothes Hip hop clothes 01
When hip hop was introduced, it was clearly defined by the baggy clothes. The guys went for the baggy pants, with baggy shirts or shorts. Currently, they tend to go for the fitted clothing. Even though sagging is still in the blood, they tend to go for fitting clothing that is catching the trend.

• Beads for big chains
In terms of the accessories, the hip hop lovers and musicians are going for the beads, trying to borrow the African culture. Long ago, you would find the artist with big chains that only defined the person’s worth. The beads have replaced that, and others are also wearing beads as bracelets.

• All black everything
Several times you would find the hip hop lovers dressed in everything black. This has been common in the south and they are finding the trend quite trendy. This starts from the cap, the T-shirt and the trousers. Some even choose to have black sneakers.

• Boys going for the girl-style
Hip hop clothes 02The boys are also going for the girls’ dress code, and this is also trendy to some. Some male rappers are going for the stretch trousers, which are too tight on them. Several hip hop artists are spotted with these trousers.

• Gone Official
Some hip hop artists are taking their dressing code to a new level. Some are seen with suits, which makes them look presentable and stylish. There is no breaking of the suits in the latest hip hop dressing code. It can be a plain black suit, or a gray suit, matched with a white shirt.

There are many other latest hip hop fashion clothing, like the camouflage prints. Other artists like 2 Chains has been spotted dressed in tiger prints, making the outfit appear super bright. Currently, the hip hop dress code is more of a unique style. People are choosing to dress in their own style, without following a particular trend. The uniqueness is the major factor that has defined the hip-hop clothing of 2015, and more change is expected to be noticed in the future.