Tips on how to look stunning and elegant during your wedding day

We all love memorable wedding photos, events, and moments. However, as much as we love all that, nothing plays that role better than a stunning look. A wedding is a beautiful yet stressful venture starting from the preparations, managing, and sending invitations,  and most of all the never-ending need to make this day perfect. Though many people succeed in making this day exactly how they imagined it, some confess to not meeting their expectations during the big day. As a bride or a groom, you can get caught up in this mess leaving you with a stressed look even on the wedding day.

To help you walk down the aisle in style, below are a few tips on how to look stunning and elegant during your wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to try new things before the wedding

jhdjhd874Trying new hairstyles on your wedding day is a no-no, however, experimenting new hair styles or different shades of hair color and determining how they look on you weeks or even months earlier is OK. This will not only make you get used to the new look you anticipate on your wedding day, but it will help you make a few changes/adjustments earlier before the wedding to avoid embarrassments. It’s one thing to look beautiful and a different thing to look stunning at the same time comfortable in what you are wearing.

You could try matching the new hair styles and the new makeup with your wedding dress/suit to get a rough idea about how the new look suits you. The idea is not to change who you are but try as much as possible to bring out the best version of you.

Find time to relax and pamper yourself

A wedding can make you nervous, scared, worried or tired. If you look closely, all these are key culprits for a tired-looking wrinkly skin. To avoid skin outbreaks and other unwanted blemishes brought about by stress or lack of sleep, give yourself a break at least a week or even a month before your wedding. Make this the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin and beauty through teeth whitening, massages, intense skin moisturizing and wearing beauty masks while eating healthy and visiting your beauty therapist at the same time. This is not only the time to make yourself beautiful, but it also relieves you from stress and fatigue making you focused, energetic and in good moods during your wedding.

Keep time on your big day

Want to look stunning on your wedding day? Go to bed early and wake up early. You do not want to rush your makeup artists because you arrived an hour late. This could end up leaving you with undesired looks because your makeup artist was in a hurry. So, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy getting all the makeup done. This also gives you the opportunity to pinpoint areas that you want re-done so that you get satisfactory results before donning your gown or suit. Doing this will guarantee you that you will look your best.

Choose the best jewelry

hjdhjd874Another thing that you should do before the big day is to choose the best accessories and jewelry that you will wear.

A wedding should be something to remember for the rest of your life. So, get it right during your preparations. One last thing, never forget to smile!…