Popular Types of Motorbike Jackets

When planning to take a ride on your motorbike, safety and style should be top of your priority. Safety is by far the most important factor, but it does not mean that it cannot come with style. You need to learn how to How to find the best motorcycle jacket in 2016 and not any other jacket. When done right, style can also play its part in safety. Motorbike jackets are one of the safety apparels that can offer both protection and a tasteful flair. There are quite many motorcycle jackets available to cover all the different needs of different riders. Some of the most popular ones are highlighted below.

Notable Mentions

Cruiser JacketswasDvADSdfawdf

Cruisers are known to blend fashion with functionality. The most famous jacket for the cruiser type is a form-fitting leather jacket. However, it is closely matched with some textile jackets, which look just as cool as a cruiser. In fact, the textiles get a distinct advantage during the summer seasons because of their moisture wicking and ventilation properties. The designs available for these types of jackets are almost limitless. They will make you look fantastic while covering all the relevant safety aspects as well.

Touring Jackets

Touring jackets usually have a loose fit. They are designed for long distances in variable weather conditions. The main concerns for these types of jackets are safety and comfort. It is quite common to find a lot of special features in a good touring jacket, which adds on to functionality. Among the unique features, include removable liners and waterproofing. They allow for removal of additional layers as well as keeping you dry in rainy weather. They also have many straps that are adjustable, to clinch the jacket when the under layers are removed.

Adventure Jackets

saxcDSVDSVdsacAdventure riding usually has something to do with long rides on mixed terrain. The jackets required for this are a bit technical, having to be protective, waterproof, and breathable. Notably, it is common for adventure riders to go with textile jackets. Typically, they have a loose fit, which gives more comfort, the ability to add or remove under layers, and pocket space. They have a tough external shell to protect against the scrape and bumps that are inevitable.

Off-road and motocross

The needs of dirt riders are usually a bit different. Impact resistance is more of a primary concern than resistance to abrasion. The types of jackets for dirt riders usually have good interior armor with a durable outer shell. Waterproofing may or may not be there depending on preferences.…