Why Designer Handbags Are So Costly

The name designer implies that this is no ordinary bag that you can pick from any outlet there. They brag big brand names, authenticity and sophisticated craftsmanship. It will cost you a fortune to acquire these kinds of handbags, but the price is worth if you choose your right selection. You can check for latest collections. There are various reasons trying to justify why these designer handbags are very costly.

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All authentic designer handbags are expensive. The most popular brand names are more expensive since they have taken their time to build reputation in their line. Most ladies are loyal to the brands and no matter how expensive the products are they cannot switch. The brand owner will regulate both wholesale and retail price.

Cost of production

These designers target high-end market for their products. Hence, the issue of cost cutting is not a problem. The cost of production will remain high to ensure they come up with a fine quality product. The designs are also unique and this means someone spent sleepless nights thinking and implementing the design. Raw materials used are also unique and more expensive. Products like snake and crocodile skins just but to name a few are very costly.

Target market

These kinds of products are mostly targeted for high-end markets. This means that the cost will be expensive. Things like discounts and offers are not common terms in this market. The frequency of buying is also relatively high.


Thestgrfw3ed6ye6dy62ey72u8i29o2e products deliver to their word. Because they are made from the best raw products, they last longer. This authenticity contributes highly to the price to be tagged to them. The production team pays a lot of attention to every detail while crafting them. Only those that satisfy the quality officials goes to the market. Getting a defect on them is almost impossible. Their outsourced attachments like beads and buckles are also very original.


More often than not these products do not come alone. Designers package them with other items like shoes or sunglasses that match with them. These items add value to them making them more expensive. It goes without saying that when you add value to something, its price will go high. Ladies will, however, find it easy to buy them together to keep the matching which is elegant.…