How to Choose Original Nursing Bras

During breastfeeding, women need to use nursing bras instead of regular bras. Nursing bras are important as they protect the mother’s nipples in case they become sore during feeding as well as helping to avoid leaks. They look like regular bras only that it is possible for the nursing bra’s cups to open or lower each time the mother pulls them aside, or unzips, unsnaps, or unhooks the closure. They provide the wearer with the convenience of opening the cup quickly for nursing and with just one hand. But for maximum convenience and comfort, one needs to choose an original nursing bra.

Below is a definitive guide on how to choose an original nursing bra:

Check the Quality

hgsaasu67asjhsaasIt is unfortunate that many women do not invest in excellent-quality nursing bras because they know that they will not be using the bras for a long time. Experts advise that mothers get excellent-quality nursing bras since it is during nursing and breastfeeding that they need extra support. Therefore, investing in a high-quality, original bra is worth it in the long run. Poor quality, inauthentic nursing bra may put pressure on the milk ducts, causing them to get plugged and, thus, leading to inflammation.

Choose the Right Size

It is reported that many women often buy a wrong-size nursing bra. The common mistake most mothers make is to go for a larger band size but sticking with the same cup size they wear when they aren’t pregnant. What most don’t understand is that they can comfortably stay with the original band size. In many cases, when a woman is pregnant, the rib cage will expand, but the expansion is not huge enough to require a different band size. However, if you insist, or if it is necessary to go up a band size, then it is wise to ascertain that the bra has enough adjustment hooks in the back.

hfsahfas6ashasMany women will undoubtedly require a larger cup size when they are pregnant. You may go on wearing the maternity bra during breastfeeding, if you are comfortable that is, or move to a nursing bra with larger cup sizes.

While searching for the right nursing bra, it is important to keep in mind that each woman’s body will change at different rates when she is pregnant and after she gives birth. Therefore, a woman might have to buy different bras at different periods of the pregnancy and after. All in all, they should choose original nursing bras that are comfortable, offering good support, and that don’t bind breasts in a way that may interfere with milk flow.…