Health Benefits Of Neroli Oil

The term ‘Neroli’ comes from the princess of Nerola, in Italy, was a prominent user of this essential oil in the perfuming of her gloves and bath. She became so obsessed with it due to its sweet-smelling fragrance. It is extracted through steam distillation. Many people loved this Neroli Oil because of the many health benefits that it offers. oil is used by the world’s leading cologne producers as an active ingredient in the manufacture of colognes and perfumes.

General information


jhjhjhjhjhjhjjhThe intensity of the fragrance varies as the availability of the floral oils tends to decrease in some countries. Approximately 900 pounds of orange blossom flowers are used in the making of about one pound of Neroli oil which explains why it is one of the most costly among essential oils.

Health benefits of Neroli oil

  • Control of blood pressure. Once the fragrance is inhaled, signals are sent to the brain hence causing a sudden wave of calmness and relaxation, bringing the blood pressure levels under control.
  • Helps in the efficient circulation of blood and boosts the immune system.
  • It aids in the treatment of acne and other skin problems such as rashes and scars.
  • Fights anxiety, depression, and problems related to digestion by squeezing a few drops into a diffuser.
  • Soothes premenstrual cramps.
  • Kills germs and toxins found in foul odors.
  • Treats cuts and wounds.
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac which cures multiple sexual dysfunctions such as low libido, frigidity and the likes.
  • Another health benefit of neroli oil is that it offers protection from the flu during the cold season.
  • Helps in the treatment of typhoid and food poisoning.
  • Helps in the management of seizures through the active constituents possessed by neroli.


kjkjjkjkjjjkNeroli has been scientifically tested and proven over the years hence it has earned the trust and confidence and loyalty of millions of users worldwide. Health benefits of neroli oil have been known to be especially true to those affected by any of the conditions listed above. Neroli oil is unbiased in the magical spread of its healing touch regardless of age or even sex.

Since time immemorial, this essential oil has brought with it tidings of refreshment to some ailing individuals. Many vagabonds are still traveling the world today for the sole purpose of trying out the health benefits of the neroli oil which have been revered and trusted. To those still in doubt, it’s about time for you to try this amazing, sweet-smelling substance.…