Bamboo Fiber Underwear is Guys’ Comfortable Choice

Bamboo fiber has become the sought-after material for underwear and with good reasons. While strong and durable, bamboo also feels luxuriously soft so close to your skin. As many have confessed, bamboo is an excellent choice away from clingy, itchy fabrics that men have become uncomfortably used. This material has natural antibacterial properties that make it an excellent choice for people with allergies.


There are many uses for bamboo but never before had it been considered material for underwear. Its strong qualities, as well as versatility, means that manufacturers can easily transform the material to match different guys tastes and preferences.

Producing quality bamboo fiber underwear is dependent on strong partnerships with reputable industry suppliers. In this way, the brand owner can offer a wide selection of high-quality underwear to men of all sizes and shapes. There is a wide range of choices, colors, textures, and patterns that are sure to meet unique tastes.

Many men shy away from underwear shopping thinking that there aren’t enough choices for them but that isn’t the case. Now every guy out there can simply go online at Pussyfoot Socks to open the floodgates of quality, stylish and functional jocks. We do not feature one-size-fits-all options as we understand that when it comes to underwear, each man has specific needs.


Bamboo fibre underwear is available in many styles including;

· Moustache
· Flirty flamingo
· Big banana
· Fastfood
· Hot Chilli
· Black
· White Trunks
· Pineapple
· Shark
· Nautical
· Onya bikes

These designs feature the interests of most many no matter their ages. This is a great strategy that appeals to men with unique tastes that weren’t met by other types of underwear. Whether it is your favorite food, activity or location, Pussyfoot Socks probably has it in stock just for you. For the white bamboo trunks, customers will get two for the price of one. You shouldn’t shy away from white underwear as it is a big plus for the ladies who envision guys in them as super clean.

Just like your outerwear, briefs, boxers, and all underwear should be stylish and comfortable enough to take you through the day. Thankfully your bamboo fiber underwear will last a long time without losing its silky feel and antibacterial properties. When you wear comfortable underwear, you are confident taking on whatever life throws at you.

To make your underwear experience exiting Bamboozld together with Pussyfoot Socks provide all the assistance you need while shopping. Our knowledgeable customer experts will help you figure out the right size and texture as well as style if need be. It is important to us that you buy the best briefs, trunks or boxers we have on offer. Rather than rush you through the sale, our experts will patiently listen to your needs and make sure all of them are addressed before your package is shipped over.

For those with sophisticated tastes, allergies, and a desire for optimum comfort, bamboo fiber underwear is indeed the best choice. It is durable, strong, soft and luxurious in the same breath, which is certainly rare for men’s underwear.